Tuesday, March 28, 2017

28mm Bolt Action DAK

I've been working on a pretty large DAK commission these past few weeks.  I've finished all of the vehicles but am just getting started on the infantry.  I have one squad done thus far but I ultimately have to do two full platoons, an HMG, a mortar, and a Pak 36.  The vehicles consisted of a panzer IV, three panzer IIIs, three Opel Blitz trucks, and a Kubelwagen.  The vehicles are all Warlord while the infantry are the fantastic Perry plastics.

These are the first 28s I have painted in awhile and the first time I have done 28mm historicals.  All things considered I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

3mm Napoleonic French

I've been working on my 3mm French for Blucher over the past few months and I'm pleased to say that I have the first stage done.  I'm basing my forces on the "Along the Danube" starter scenario published on the Honor downloads page.  I figured the French and Austrian forces outlined for the scenario would give me a couple of pretty well balanced armies to start out with.  

Since the last time I posted about my 3mm napoleonics, I have settled on smaller bases.  I originally thought I wanted larger bases than Curt on the Analogue Hobbies blog, but I realized that the smaller bases would make make it possible to use a smaller tabletop for regular sized battles and allow me to recreate sprawling battles on a regular 6x4 board.  

Anyhow, thus far I have painted up 4 stands of Hussars, 2 stands of dragoons, 2 stands of cuirassiers, 2 stands of horse artillery, 2 stands of foot artillery, and 6 stands of infantry.  I have 6 more infantry stands to finish off but I'm almost ready to move on to the Austrians.  

The pictures are of varying quality.  I tried using my girlfriend's SLR camera but clearly I still need a bit more practice at getting it focused.


 1st-4th Hussars. 

 horse artillery
 foot artillery

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Soviet Hordes

Been pretty busy since my last post.  I finished out my junior year pretty well and was kept pretty busy working and travelling all summer.  Since then I have gotten through my second-to-last semester as an undergrad and am now on the homeward stretch.

Anyhow, I recently finished up a big commission of Soviet infantry.  The first half was done over the summer and consisted of two infantry platoons, a 75mm gun battery, a six tube 160mm mortar battery, a 4 tube 120mm mortar battery, three command teams with a red banner stand, and a 5 stand spetznaz platoon.  The customer wanted the spetznaz guys in German disguises so I used the plastic germans, swapped out a couple of heads for Soviet ones, and painted their uniforms up to represent a mix of soviet and stolen German uniforms.    

The second portion just shipped off to the customer and was mostly support for the core components I had already done up.  This batch was made up of another 75mm gun battery, a 45mm gun platoon, four flamethrower teams, a few extra infantry stands, a pioneer section with a couple of faust teams, a couple more 120mm mortars, two HMGs, and three more command stands.

I also finished up some space marines I've had laying around for a while.  Not sure what I'm gonna do with them but it was nice to paint something a bit different.

I have some 15mm Chain of Command Germans and Americans on the painting table right now so those should be up here soon.  After that, I'm getting in an order of 28mm Bolt action DAK vehicles to paint.  I'm looking forward to this job because it will be nice to paint something different for a change.  After the armor the customer is sending a bunch of 28mm North Africa infantry my way.

As far as non-commission painting goes, I'm chugging away on my 3mm napoleonics project.  I have the French almost done with just a few more infantry stands to go.  I got the Austrian contingent as a Christmas gift so they're ready to go once the French are done.  I'll get some pictures of my progress with the French up here soon.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

More Winter Germans

This is the second part of my winter German commission.  This time it was a battery of 10.5 guns, four pak 40s, an AAA battery, two Maultiers, six Opel Blitz trucks, Five Kubelwagens, and an objective marker.  Like the last time, the customer painted the crews for the arty himself.  I painted the crews for the Pak 40s and AAA.

 The snow came out really well on these guys.  I used a combination of sprinkling the snow flock on the wet mud paste; a snow paste consisting of white glue, white paint, and a little bit of snow flock, and snow scatter sprinkled on top of wet matte varnish.  I also used some watered down matte varnish over top of the snow to make sure nothing got scraped off later.